We want you to succeed at WWU

学生 find the 大一新生 Mentoring Program improves their first-year experience and grade point average. Whether you are feeling prepared for college or not, it will provide you with a personal mentor to help you navigate the first year.

What can a mentor help you with?
Your mentor checks in with you each week and connects you with on- and off-campus resources to assist you with the many facets of your college experience—academics, physical and mental health, 财务状况, social opportunities, choosing a major, job exploration, and spiritual matters.

What is the benefit of having a mentor?
We have found the program increases the likelihood that a student will stay in college, and we want every freshman to have this advantage so participation in the program is required.

Who will be your mentor?
The mentor selection process is part of the JumpStart module in D2L and is completed before arriving on campus. Login to the D2L GRNL101 University Experience course and navigate to the mentor selection process in the PLAN FOR SUCCESS module. 
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WWU students on the 大一新生 Mentor Program

“It’s a nice thing to have, especially if you’re stressed. Someone is there for you besides your parents and friends.”

“It is helpful in dealing with new college adjustments and also managing classes.”

“It’s a nice break from life to be able to talk to someone and have the support.”

“It’s like having a road map, 咨询师, and a friend in one person who makes one half-hour a week all about you.”